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First Ingame Ads Token On Blockchain

Our Manifest

With Por, we create a platform where people can advertise using blockchain technology and create value for all brands by strengthening the in-game advertising network. The in-game advertising industry that we have mobilized provides significant opportunities for both game producers and brands looking for new marketplaces. Not only brands, but also game enthusiasts have great advantages thanks to the Por. If you own Por, you also have the convenience of in-game payment. Game users can be able to purchase Por and increase their earnings in exchange for increative actions they can make with these ads.

Our Vision

POR's bravest goal is to offer an ingame advertising tool to all mobile and desktop game developers and companies and users of the world. Now it's time for the players to win!


What is POR Token V2?

The POR roadmap includes interconnected protocol upgrades that will make the network more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable. POR Token V2 is designed for gamers and holders to reach an advantageous position. V2 enhancements were also built around the goal of creating a more scalable and disinflationary process.

Why POR Token v2 upgrade?

Portuma and POR token were born as inseparable parts of our ecosystem. Portuma is not just an in-game advertising platform, POR token is not just a utility token. They were created for a much greater purpose. The goal is to make everyone "win" in this game.


It's no longer just to have fun while playing, it's also create income.


Advertisers can reach millions of real players from all over the world.


Thanks to P2E system, you can increase your gamer numbers and advertise income.

What features will v2 offer?


Disinflationary Period Begins at POR Token

Buyback & burn from circulation supply

Big surprise POR burning from circulation supply


More play, more fun!

Players who have earned 10,000 POR Tokens will now be able to withdraw their rewards.

Users who stake POR Tokens will be able to earn more in-game advertising rewards.

LOCKING tokens will be locked


New stake pools launch


Users who refer a friend will earn a profit on each of their friends' in-game ad earnings.

Sale Income Burns
Total Supply Buyback Buyback Burn In-game Ads Rewards
To %10 %7,5 %2,5
To 7.500.000.000 %10 %5 %5
At 7.500.000.000 %10 %0 %10
In-game Ads Rewards
Token Hodl If Gamer Min Stake More Reward In Game
30 days staking 50.000 %5
60 days staking 200.000 %10
90 days staking 300.000 %15
120 days staking 500.000 %20
180 days staking 1.500.000 %30
365 days staking 4.000.000 %60
Reward tokens will be sent within 7 days of earning to gamers
Claim Quantity 10.000 POR
LOCKING tokens will be locked
Staking Staking Rewards (%) Min Stake Q (per wallet) Max Stake Q (per wallet) Pool (Total Share)
30 Days %5 10.000 100.000 100.000.000
180 Days %13 10.000 5.000.000 250.000.000
360 Days %27 10.000 10.000.000 100.000.000
Referral Quantity Referral Reward
Per 1 Referral %10
Refferal reward include only in-game ads earning claims, doesn't include staking and other earnings by staking.


What is POR Token?

Portoken is a cryptocurrency that can be used in in-game advertising activities, provides ease of payment with in-game blockchain technology and supports the issuance of game fan tokens.

How Does POR Token Work?

Portoken is a crypto-asset whose value is determined by supply and demand, with a total of 10,000,000,000 pieces produced. When you buy Portoken and keep it for short and medium term, you can increase the investment value, support the game you are a fan of, easily trade in-game purchases and promote your brand in new marketplaces thanks to in-game advertising.

What is the P2E Model?

The play-to-earn model is the model in which you earn income while you play the game. You can earn Portuma Token as a reward thanks to the advertisements you see while playing game. While playing a game, your reward may increase in proportion to the number of advertisements you see and the achievements you earn.

When will my in-game reward be transferred to my wallet?

Your in-game reward will be transferred to your wallet within 7 days after the claim date.

How can I claim my POR tokens?

You can claim your tokens when the amount of POR tokens accumulated in your wallet reaches 10,000.

How can I stake my POR Tokens?

You can choose and stake any of the 30-60-90-120-180 and 365-day staking options, and you can earn stake rewards depending on the length of your maturity.

When can I stake my POR Tokens?

When stake pools open in November, you can join any stake pool you want based on your token amount.

When will my stake income be transferred to my wallet?

Your stake income will be transferred to your wallet within 7 days after the maturity date.

What can I do to earn more POR Tokens?

You can earn more POR tokens by playing more games, using the referral system and joining stake pools.

What does the reference system do?

You can earn the amount equivalent to 10% of the token made by the gamers who registered with the referral system. In this way, the more friends you invite into the Portuma ecosystem, the more POR Tokens you will be able to earn. Referral rewards include only in-game ads earning claims, don't include staking income and other earnings by staking.

When can I join to reference system?

The reference system will become operational in November and its use will begin.

When will my reference income be transferred to my wallet?

Your reference income will be reflected in your wallet within 7 days.

What is your burning strategy?

In Portuma Token, which has a supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens, we first burn 300,000,000 tokens. In the ongoing process, we allocate some advertising revenues to repurchase from the market and continue burning until 25% of the maximum supply is burned.

The in-game advertising industry that we mobilized will provide significant opportunities for game producers and benchmarkers looking for new market places.

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